This project was mentioned in Visualising Data’s Best Data Visualizations of April 2017!

Data sources:

1) Taxi trips

2) Citibike trips

3) Subway, Bus, Metro-North

4) Amtrak

5) PATH Train

6) Staten Island Ferry

7) NY Waterways Ferries


I followed Todd Schneider’s excellent documentation to download the NYC Taxi dataset and load it into a PostgreSQL database with PostGIS extension. I wrote a python script to download and manipulate all of the GTFS data into a format necessary for visualization (to be shared on Github soon). Once all the data was in a consistent format, I used Processing and Unfolding Maps to create the animation, making use of tutorials and examples generously published by Juan Francisco Saldarriaga of Columbia University’s Center for Spatial Research and Till Nagel, one of the creators of Unfolding Maps.