Mapping a Bus Ride on a 3D Globe

Tutorial by Will Geary (@wgeary)

Presented at PyCon Ghana at University of Ghana on August 10, 2018

Github repository:

This notebook walks through wrangling GPS data and mapping it onto an animated 3D globe using Cesium, a javascript library for 3D mapping.

1) Go out and collect some GPS data

There are many free mobile apps for collecting GPS data. Pick any one of them and be sure that the app is able to export data to a .gpx file, which is the standard format for GPS data.

I used Strava to record a bus ride that I took from Hohoe, a town in the mountains of Ghana's Volta Region, to my home in Accra.

Below is a map and some statistics created by Strava:

In [1]:
from IPython.display import Image